Money Transfer Systems
Money Transfer Systems is a full service electronic payment solutions provider. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Money Transfer Systems supports “brick-and-mortar”, catalog, and “cyber storefront” merchant locations throughout the U.S.

Money Transfer Systems, enjoys a rich tradition of success in the competitive industry of electronic payments processing, back office processing, and Financial Institution Relationship development due to our unequaled commitment to the client.

Money Transfer Systems has expanded to all regions of the continental United States with a winning tradition of maintaining merchant satisfaction through competitive pricing, while offering a wide range of merchant and Financial Institution services.

Solution Benefits

We offer several money transfer solutions for your transaction needs. The benefits of our solutions include:

  • Automated Recurring Payments
  • Accounts Receivable Conversion
  • Checks By Phone
  • Internet Payments
  • Point-Of-Sale Payments
  • Bill Payment
  • Easier Tracking

ACH Processing– Recurring and Single Origination

Monthly billing (recurring payments) – also works exceptionally well when collecting payments on a recurring basis. Automatically sends pre-authorized amounts from the customer’s account to the company’s business account. (TEL) Payments received by Telephone – enables businesses to receive consumer payments by telephone. A one-time authorization enables you to charge the customer’s account and deposit payment to the company’s business account. (WEB) Payments received over the Internet – allows consumers to enter payment information on company’s web site. Company’s Webmaster adds a secure page to your web site with an image of a check and provides a form for the collection of the consumer banking information. (Consumer authentication and authorization required). Payments received IVR/VRU – allows consumers to enter payment information on an unattended customized Interactive Voice Response system. Direct Deposit for Payroll – allows companies regardless of their size to electronically send payroll, pension, or other payments through the ACH Network. Batch File Processing – allows customers to send a full batch of all types of ACH transactions for Quick seamless offline transaction processing.

achXchange™ automates all of your Check and ACH payment needs

  • Complete Back Office Conversion (BOC) solution
  • Process one-time or recurring ACH payments.
  • Convert paper checks into electronic checks at the point of sale. (ECC)
  • One-time or recurring ACH debits
  • Lockbox conversion. (ARC)
  • Telephone Check transactions. (TEL)
  • Electronically represent returned paper checks. (RCK)


achXchange™ offers an extensive suite of online reporting. The achXchange™ web accessible reporting tool has more than 15 standard reports to choose from including daily, weekly, and monthly information. The information can be reported and sorted by association, division/brand, region and merchant. The user can drill down into the details of the transaction to see how the transaction is being sent through interchange. All reports will archive data for a minimum of 180 days but can be exported in virtually any format for long-term archival. Reports are accessed via a secured web-enabled browser with multiple levels of user security access. The data contained on these reports are easily exported in multiple formats, including delimited text file, for import into merchant’s internal programs. Any report can be emailed or printed for facsimile to facilitate easy sharing of pertinent information.

achXchange™ Web Based Reporting

  • ACH Transmittal Register – summary of transactions within a specific batch…
  • Batch Summaries – Batch Summaries within the date range provided.
  • Corrections by Submit Date – Exception transactions for a Selected Submit Date Range.
  • Exceptions by Submit Date – Exception transactions for a Selected Submit Date Range.
  • Net Settlements – Net Settlement Information for a Selected Settlement Date Range.
  • Pre–Transmission – This report will display all new transactions.
  • Previously Paid Returns – Return transactions that are included in a net settlement
  • Returns To Review – Returns to Review
  • Returns By Check Date – Returns according to Return Date
  • Returns By Return Date – Returns by Return Date within the date range provided.
  • Returns Older Than 5 Days – Returns according to Return Date within the date range
  • Trans By Batch – This report will list transactions within a specific batch.
  • Trans By Date – Transactions within the date range provided.
  • Trans by Net Settle ID – Transactions for a given net settlement.

Installation, Training, and Support

The purpose of the Money Transfer Systems installation team is to:

  • Assist in the installation of the equipment and systems needed to bring the new customer
    into the achXchange™ processing environment.
  • Monitor the vital functions of the merchant after the initial implementation has been
  • Audit the vital functions of the merchant on a regular basis.

The conversion/training team is a cross-section of Money Transfer Systems employees with the skills to install, monitor and support small to large sized accounts. This team’s quality and depth of experience attests to our commitment for new merchant conversion and support. Prior to your installation, we will work with you to define the content of reports, their frequency and the appropriate delivery. In addition, we will identify and assign merchant numbers to all locations.

Time frames for installation vary by merchant, software requirements, and location needs. We customize each installation based on the customer requirements derived from the consultation and analysis of our installation team.

In addition to identifying these needs, the conversion manager (in conjunction with the Client Relations Manager) will be available for any identified on site training.