Check Recovery

checXchange™ Electronic Check Recovery (RCK), converts non-sufficient funds checks into electronic items and sends them through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Network for collection. The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) approved the rule that allowed returned checks to be collected through the ACH Network in 1998. By using this system it becomes easier and faster to electronically re-present the check directly to the check writer’s account for funding.

By electronically processing a check the number of additional attempts to process is increased to two, as opposed to one when physically re-presented. This helps to drastically reduce cost and makes the collection of checks for smaller amounts more economical. Many banks give electronic transactions priority over paper drafts which allow our transactions to have priority posting precedence. Merchants are able to collect 100% of the face value on recovered checks without additional cost. With the aid of checXchange™ the recovery rate increases to 70-75%.

Implementation of checXchange™ services is quite simple, checks are routed to checXchange™ for processing and collected funds are deposited into the merchants account on a weekly basis. Merchants are provided with reports on returned and collected checks through daily emails or faxes. Additionally all of the merchants returned check activity can be viewed through the checXchange™ free online reporting website, this data is live directly from our processing database.

  • checXchange™ is a NO COST Service
  • 70-75% recovery rate
  • Keeps merchants out of the collection business
  • Recovers 100% face value of check
  • Significantly enhances rate of recovery
  • Improves cash management by recovering funds faster
  • Reduces internal staff time and expense of collection
  • All returned checks are strategically represented using a proprietary model optimizing potential for collection
  • Provides online real-time access to all checks being processed by checXchange™