Electronic Check Deposit (Check 21 & BOC)

Easily Converting Paper Checks into Electronic Checks

achXchange™ is multi-function software service that allows you to easily accept any customer’s check, both business as well as consumer, and quickly electronically deposit them into your business checking account. Simply scan your checks into achXchange™ using the provided check imager. Then click the deposit button and send the electronic check through the ACH network to be deposited to your account within 48-72 hours. achXchange™ operates on a web-enabled computer system.

With achXchange™, your business can:

  • Make electronic deposits of paper checks directly from your office
  • Capture images of both sides of checks received for deposit
  • Automatically balance deposits before submission
  • Ensure images are suitable for processing and settlement using industry-leading Image Quality and Usability Assessment.
  • Save keystrokes and increase the accuracy of balanced deposits with extremely accurate Courtesy and Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) software.
  • Gain ability to convert scanned checks into ARC transactions
  • Review and upload check images to the Web server.

How the Check Deposit Service Works

  1. Using the supplied desktop imaging device, you capture the complete front and back image of each check. The MICR line – account number is also read and captured from the check.
  2. The amount is automatically read from the check using LAR/CAR recognition artificial intelligence software. If the amount is not readable, you will be prompted to quickly enter the amount before submitting the item for deposit.
  3. A comprehensive verification and validation process is performed to ensure the accuracy of items and to confirm the deposit before final submission.
  4.  A single key stoke then electronically transmits the deposited items (including images) to the bank for deposit.
  5. Funds are then deposited into your account within 48-72 hours.