The Challenge

Usually utility or telecom companies handle a large number of checks as individuals pay for their household service needs. These valuable customers depend on the utility/telecom companies to provide uninterrupted service even when their payments arrive last minute. When a payment check is deemed NSF, utility/telecom companies have extra costs to absorb that late fees don’t completely cover, for example sending a representative on site to disconnect a service, only to have to turn around a few days later and restore service for an angry customer. Realistically it is smart to consider all one’s options when facing tight budgets/budget cuts to make business more efficient.

The Solution

checXchange™ is a wise solution that efficiently cuts check collection time and increases cash flow at no additional cost. Not to mention that utility/telecom businesses are able to minimize handling costs, while increasing customer satisfaction. This allows for saved time and resources which will help increase customer satisfaction. Our free service, checXchange™, collects and pays you 100% full face value on all of your collected returned checks.